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Thomas Boyington

Short History by Sarah and Nettie Boyington

excerpts from a history by Sarah and Nettie Boyingon:

Thomas Boyington left home at the age of nine years. After having joined the church of Jesus Christ of LDS, he emigrated to United States and came across the plains in a large company of saints under the command of Captain Willey. Thomas started from the state of Iowa and his handcart contained 100 pounds of flour, a little bacon, some bedding and a small supply of clothing. In October of the year 1856, Captain Willey's company reached the Sweetwater, which is the Great Basin Divide between the North Platte and the Green Rivers in wouthern Wyoming. The provisions dwindled to almost nothing and rations were doled out from the wagons with the most supplies. How weakened they were as they tried to travel in this condition and their plans had to be changed as the men became weaker day by day. They were so anxious to continue their journey to Zion but it was necessary for them to camp on the Sweetwater. Here they found some cattle which had died a year or two previously and their skeletons were left covering the ground. The members of this handcart company pulled off the hard, dried skins from the animals, cut them into strips, warmed the strips of skin over the fire and chewed the rawhide in order to sustain life. Many persons in the ill-fated Willey's handcart company died of starvation. He had the unique experience of awakening from his sleep one morning to find a dead man on each side of him, having slept three abreast in bed the night before. A party of horsedrawn wagons rescued the survivors and arrived in Salt Lake City Nov. 9, 1856. Thomas declared: "I was so hungry that if there was a loaf of bread on the other side of a fire, I would go through the fire to get the loaf of bread."

In 1864 Thomas returned to the Mississippi River for a load of emigrants. Hannah became his bride in 1865. They lived on their farm across the Sanpitch River to the north of the Gunnison Reservoir in the summertime. In the winter the family lived in a comfortable adobe house in the City of Manti [another interesting view!- MG]. They were both members of the LDS Church. Their home was a gathering place for the youth; many is the time that "Daddy Boyington" kept the fires burning while the young people enjoyed themselves in dance and merrymaking.

from a history submitted by Elga Henrie Larsen, granddaughter:

Thomas was a farmer and stockman. They were rugged hard working people and devoted Latter-day Saints. The friends of this large family loved to gather at the Boyington home where they were always welcomed and had good times together.

Thomas was tall in stature and had dark curly hair. It is said that he applied for the king's guard and passed all the requirements but one. He was only 6 feet 1-1/2 inches tall -1/2 inch too short

Our Pioneer Heritage
Volume 14
Records of the Handcart Pioneers
Roster of the Handcart Companies
1856-Fifth Company-Edward Martin, Captain
ANDERSON, David 17. AHMANSON, John. ATWOOD, Millen 38. ANDERSON, Marie, Anne. ANDERSON, Nils 41, wife, Mette 49, daughter, Anna 14. BROWN, Ellen Ward 44, children, John, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, James, Ann, Frances. BIRD, Mary A. 39, children, Ann 20, Sabina 17, Ezra 14, Martha 12, Sarah 10, Susannah 8, William 6. BRETTON, Mary E. BRYANT, Ann 69. BRAZIER, George 21, John 19. BURTON, Eliza Cusworth 32, children, Joseph 7, Martha 4. BOWLES, Edward 50, wife, Ann 52, children, Thomas 19, Enoch 11. BAILEY, John 51, wife, Elizabeth 51, daughter, Elizabeth 17. BURT, Alexander 19. BROWANT, Emma 18. BOYINGTON, Thomas 25. CHISLETT, John 24. CHARLES, Sarah. COOK, Minea. COOPER, Ann 36, children, Mary Ann 6, Adelaide 4, Sarah A. 2. CROOK, Elizabeth 26. CULLEY, Benjamin 60, daughters, Elizabeth 23, Jane 22. COX, Theophilus 25. CHATWIN, Martha. COOK, Sophia, and daughter. CAMPKIN, Martha, and family. CURTIS, George 64. CALDWELL, Margaret Ann 40, children, Robert 17, Thomas 14, Elizabeth 12, Agnes 9. CHRISTENSEN, Anders 21. DORNEY, Mary, daughter, Hannah 26, son, Lott. DOUGLISH, Margaret 29. EDWICK, William 17. EVANS, Amelia 18. FUNNELL, Mary Winters 62, daughter, Elizabeth 20. FINDLEY, Allan M. 26, and family. FORBES, Elizabeth 8. GRIFFITHS, Mary P. GIRDLESTONE, Thomas 62, wife, Mary 59, daughter, Emma 21. GADD, Sam 40, wife, Eliza 40, children, Alfred 18, Jane 16, William 12, Samuel 10, Mary Ann 7, Sarah 6, Isaac 1, Daniel 1. GURNEY, Charles 36, wife, Charlotte 37, children, Mary A. 15, Joseph 13. GARDNER, James 27, wife, Hannah 27, children, Mary A. 6, Agnes E. 5, Frederick J. 3, John W. 7 months. GODFREY, Ann, Richard 21. GRIFFITHS, Edward 25, wife, Catherine M. 32. GIBB, James 67, wife, Mary 53. GREGERSON, Marcan. GILBY, Ann B., sons, Matthew 8, Frances W. 10. GILLIES, Robert, wife, Jean Ann, 37, baby girl. HARDWICK, Richard 50. HARREN, James 29, wife, Mary. HAILEY, William, and wife. HILL, John, wife, Sarah D. HOWARD, Ann, 30. HOOLEY, Thomas 21. HODGES, Janet 55, daughter, Mary 20. HERBERT, Ann 26, son, Charles 2 yrs. 11 mos. HUMPHRIES, George 45, wife, Harriet 47, children, Edwin 18, Ann 16, Mary 14, Elizabeth 12, Hannah 9, Selina 6, James 1. HANSON, Cassius. HANSON, Rasmus 40, wife, Anna 40, son, Rasmus Peter 16. HANSON, Nils 43, wife, Anna Catherine 42. HURREN, James, wife, Eliza R., daughters, Mary, Emma, Sarah 2. IMPEY, Jesse 31, wife, Mary A. 29, children, William 9, James 6, Ann 4, Sarah J. 9 mos.

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