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Iowa, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 696

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bertha L  1890Iowa, United States I129136
2 Dessama  Abt 1872Iowa, United States I87026
3 Leone M  1905Iowa, United States I140794
4 Mary  7 May 1894Iowa, United States I91937
5 ABERNATHY Alta Elizabeth  14 Jul 1875Iowa, United States I60401
6 ABERNATHY Delmar T  1873Iowa, United States I60400
7 ABERNATHY Franklin Edward  17 Jul 1868Iowa, United States I60399
8 ADAMS Ida Belle  19 Oct 1883Iowa, United States I82941
9 ADAMS Leonard A.  6 Mar 1882Iowa, United States I134487
10 ADAMSON Hazel  Dec 1891Iowa, United States I64738
11 ADAMSON William J.  1856Iowa, United States I64737
12 ADY Oscar  1911Iowa, United States I99398
13 AGANS Roscoe Ashford  7 Nov 1912Iowa, United States I131004
14 AGEE William Ralph  7 Nov 1914Iowa, United States I136938
15 ALBERS Meinhard Emil  10 Jul 1896Iowa, United States I161829
16 ALLEN Phylis Hortense  8 May 1921Iowa, United States I92162
17 AMES Josephine  6 Aug 1875Iowa, United States I76174
18 ARBUCKLE John William  18 Jan 1899Iowa, United States I135883
19 ARTHUR Charles Shirk  6 Aug 1885Iowa, United States I79553
20 ATWOOD Lucy Ernestine ("Tine Or Tina")  5 Feb 1852Iowa, United States I26298
21 AUSTIN David August  4 Jul 1868Iowa, United States I133049
22 BALDWIN Gailard Theadore  28 Jul 1906Iowa, United States I70975
23 BALDWIN Harold E.  1 Apr 1924Iowa, United States I169731
24 BALDWIN William N.  7 May 1902Iowa, United States I169730
25 BARBEE Gereorge Frederick  1875Iowa, United States I97468
26 BARDEN Freda M  7 Nov 1898Iowa, United States I91884
27 BARDEN Grace J  1900Iowa, United States I91882
28 BARDEN Ila T  1892Iowa, United States I91886
29 BARROW Gale J  15 Nov 1939Iowa, United States I92164
30 BARTLETT Annie  Sep 1880Iowa, United States I70341
31 BARTLETT Carrie  1909Iowa, United States I70365
32 BARTLETT Elmer C  Oct 1887Iowa, United States I70330
33 BARTLETT Harland  Jan 1897Iowa, United States I70366
34 BARTLETT Hattie  1903Iowa, United States I70368
35 BARTLETT Irene  Dec 1891Iowa, United States I70329
36 BARTLETT Leota  Oct 1886Iowa, United States I70346
37 BARTLETT LeRoy Milton  7 Jun 1878Iowa, United States I70340
38 BARTLETT Marcha  1906Iowa, United States I70367
39 BARTLETT Thelma G L  Abt 1903Iowa, United States I70344
40 BASS Raymond C  1918Iowa, United States I99208
41 BASSETT Joan Elizabeth  1933Iowa, United States I164730
42 BASSETT Leland Romain  18 Jul 1903Iowa, United States I163353
43 BASSETT Norman Edward  1925Iowa, United States I164709
44 BATESOLE Barbara D  1928Iowa, United States I85922
45 BATESOLE Doris K  1925Iowa, United States I85927
46 BATESOLE Genevieve  15 Aug 1907Iowa, United States I83039
47 BATESOLE Kenneth L.  2 Feb 1915Iowa, United States I83040
48 BATESOLE Myron Edward  25 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I83041
49 BATTLES  13 Apr 1897Iowa, United States I64735
50 BATTLES Charles Franklin  May 1858Iowa, United States I60392
51 BATTLES Charlie Lacey  11 Dec 1907Iowa, United States I64745
52 BATTLES Claude R.  26 Dec 1905Iowa, United States I64718
53 BATTLES Doris  1907Iowa, United States I64719
54 BATTLES Earl W.  11 Apr 1912Iowa, United States I64729
55 BATTLES Ellen S  1872Iowa, United States I60037
56 BATTLES Frederick  16 Nov 1924Iowa, United States I64724
57 BATTLES Gerald  20 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I64721
58 BATTLES Grace Irene  7 May 1909Iowa, United States I64723
59 BATTLES Harold  20 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I64720
60 BATTLES Josh LeRoy  14 Nov 1909Iowa, United States I64731
61 BATTLES Kenneth H.  19 Feb 1916Iowa, United States I64722
62 BATTLES Lauretta  1865Iowa, United States I60032
63 BATTLES Leland  9 Mar 1913Iowa, United States I64709
64 BATTLES Percilla Dora  Dec 1865Iowa, United States I60039
65 BATTLES Peter  2 Jan 1895Iowa, United States I64733
66 BATTLES Peter J  3 Aug 1919Iowa, United States I70992
67 BATTLES Royal J.  20 Oct 1928Iowa, United States I70973
68 BATTLES Thelma  30 Sep 1907Iowa, United States I64710
69 BEEBE Jerry Lee  15 Nov 1942Iowa, United States I139579
70 BEEBE Sandra Joan  19 Nov 1940Iowa, United States I139580
71 BELL Benjamin J.  1872Iowa, United States I60388
72 BELL Cyrus Nelson  1860Iowa, United States I160028
73 BELL Daisy  1875Iowa, United States I60390
74 BELL Emma  Abt 1887Iowa, United States I89419
75 BELL James Monroe  Abt 1864Iowa, United States I64876
76 BELL John J.  May 1877Iowa, United States I60389
77 BELLOWS Barbara V  28 Nov 1905Iowa, United States I156594
78 BELLOWS Bime  8 Jan 1866Iowa, United States I156593
79 BELLOWS Ralph Cyrus  24 Dec 1898Iowa, United States I156595
80 BENT Charles Howard  21 Dec 1884Iowa, United States I62476
81 BIGELOW Paris Blakely  25 Jun 1893Iowa, United States I50314
82 BILLINGTON Maud Laurabelle  May 1875Iowa, United States I64874
83 BISHOP Marquis  1885Iowa, United States I120633
84 BISHOP Nina E  1907Iowa, United States I73891
85 BLAKLEY Madelynn  6 Sep 1921Iowa, United States I138872
86 BLOCHER Ella May  17 Jun 1867Iowa, United States I75001
87 BOLTON Edward  1857Iowa, United States I68608
88 BONEBRAKE Cynthia  21 Jul 1889Iowa, United States I68914
89 BOSTWICK Eva Elaine  1925Iowa, United States I82108
90 BOSTWICK Shirley  1920Iowa, United States I82106
91 BOUCHER Agnes Grace  16 Nov 1888Iowa, United States I64717
92 BOYD Clayton L  Abt 1910Iowa, United States I54764
93 BRADLEY James  10 Jul 1938Iowa, United States I139041
94 BRANDON Ada  May 1874Iowa, United States I60405
95 BRANDON Benjamin  13 Sep 1876Iowa, United States I60407
96 BRAY Helen Louise  8 Oct 1915Iowa, United States I80091
97 BRAYMER Julia Ann  26 Jan 1857Iowa, United States I45608
98 BRAYMER Martha LaFoy  9 Jan 1853Iowa, United States I45611
99 BRILES Helen Armilla  Apr 1894Iowa, United States I64870
100 BRILES Kenneth Ellsworth  22 Jun 1915Iowa, United States I71142

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Matches 1 to 100 of 133

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBERS Meinhard Emil  18 Mar 1986Iowa, United States I161829
2 ANDERSON Amanda Christine  10 Mar 1959Iowa, United States I165355
3 BASS Mary Ethel  27 Apr 1926Iowa, United States I99213
4 BATTLES Calista A.  18 Jan 1908Iowa, United States I57572
5 BATTLES Earl W.  1938Iowa, United States I64729
6 BATTLES Margaret Ann  10 Sep 1905Iowa, United States I57606
7 BISHOP Thornton Gurney  1906Iowa, United States I73890
8 BOYLAN Corliss D  Iowa, United States I78072
9 BOYLAN Robert M  26 Dec 1976Iowa, United States I78071
10 BOYLAN Ruth M  Iowa, United States I78070
11 BRAYMER Fannie  1937Iowa, United States I45610
12 BROOKHOUSER Karen Jo  13 Feb 1938Iowa, United States I92157
13 BROWN Dolores  12 Mar 1980Iowa, United States I90732
14 BROWN Eliza A.  1948Iowa, United States I68626
15 BRUNDIGE Eva Arilla  Jul 1969Iowa, United States I70838
16 BUCK Frederick Henry  1923Iowa, United States I99652
17 BURGUS Ralph Chester  Oct 1957Iowa, United States I136496
18 CARDIN James Patrick  7 Apr 2015Iowa, United States I143127
19 CARLSON Augusta June  10 Mar 1949Iowa, United States I86775
20 CARR Honora Josephine  29 Mar 2017Iowa, United States I171769
21 CARROLL George Hazelton  1926Iowa, United States I170647
22 CARROLL John R.  12 Nov 1917Iowa, United States I170642
23 CASS Harley Verne  Feb 1985Iowa, United States I99293
24 CASSIDAY Vernon Omar  29 Jun 2000Iowa, United States I134444
25 CLEVELAND Sarah M  1979Iowa, United States I99625
26 CONNER Oliver Scott  1917Iowa, United States I71922
27 CRAIG Alice E.  28 Aug 1875Iowa, United States I130358
28 CRAIG Carrie Elsie  1944Iowa, United States I130360
29 CROWLEY Patricia  27 Aug 1933Iowa, United States I44199
30 DRAPER  21 Jun 1918Iowa, United States I99390
31 DRAPER Frank  1956Iowa, United States I86778
32 DRAPER Nathan  8 Apr 1866Iowa, United States I57633
33 DRAPER Olive C .  1 May 1851Iowa, United States I95754
34 EAST Nancy Elizabeth  1929Iowa, United States I66484
35 EAST William Anderson  20 Oct 1902Iowa, United States I66478
36 EDGAR Dessa Florence  7 Jun 1967Iowa, United States I77005
37 ELDER Clarinda  Bef 1885Iowa, United States I144007
38 ELLIOTT Calvin Hawley  15 Jul 1902Iowa, United States I149221
39 ESSICK Marvel Lee  18 Mar 2001Iowa, United States I101999
40 FISH Benita M  1993Iowa, United States I99499
41 FISH Velmer Bernel  7 Aug 1968Iowa, United States I99500
42 FLOYD Allen  25 Feb 1951Iowa, United States I130255
43 FOLSOM Chester Grant  28 Sep 1910Iowa, United States I99367
44 FOOTE Margarete  15 Feb 1932Iowa, United States I161903
45 FRUEHLING Charles F  Iowa, United States I48287
46 GATES Margaret Inez  7 Jul 2007Iowa, United States I79794
47 GAZAWAY William Henry  1962Iowa, United States I85908
48 GIGL Joanne R  9 Apr 2010Iowa, United States I85951
49 GILLETT Temperance  10 Oct 1884Iowa, United States I45551
50 GUILES George B.  14 Feb 1913Iowa, United States I150183
51 HARBACH George Raymond  15 Sep 1935Iowa, United States I98160
52 HARBACH Susan Ann  9 Feb 1981Iowa, United States I98162
53 HARTZELL Susan Abbie  1946Iowa, United States I89361
54 HASTINGS Mary Dow  Iowa, United States I57284
55 HATCH Bazzelle  30 Mar 1967Iowa, United States I96301
56 HERMAN Michael  1938Iowa, United States I168993
57 HOCKETT Lester Wayne  Mar 1967Iowa, United States I79071
58 HUNT Eva Jane  8 Feb 1930Iowa, United States I72100
59 JENSEN Christine Jensine  18 Aug 1888Iowa, United States I37175
60 JOHNSON Harold L  25 Nov 1974Iowa, United States I164728
61 JOHNSTON Joseph  Bef Jun 1880Iowa, United States I68079
62 JONES Bertha A  25 May 1973Iowa, United States I71475
63 KERR Martha A  Iowa, United States I144002
64 KLEIN Henry Stanley  6 Jan 1982Iowa, United States I136511
65 KOLARICH Kathlyn Georgia  12 Nov 1997Iowa, United States I101217
66 KUHNS Baby  9 Jan 1903Iowa, United States I64328
67 KUHNS Mary  1873Iowa, United States I60056
68 KUHNS Son  9 Jan 1903Iowa, United States I64327
69 LEE Harriet  1953Iowa, United States I86791
70 LYDON Thomas Hubert  5 Mar 1999Iowa, United States I101718
71 MAHANNA William Robert  2 Dec 1912Iowa, United States I43550
72 MALZAHN Clarence Hamilton  Apr 1973Iowa, United States I167630
73 MASON Clarissa M.  14 Dec 1876Iowa, United States I58607
74 MATKE  4 Dec 1909Iowa, United States I167773
75 MCCULLOUGH Gene Vernon or Vernon C  1 Jan 1928Iowa, United States I87049
76 MCCULLOUGH Milan C  12 May 1914Iowa, United States I87051
77 MCCULLOUGH Olivene Lucille  2000Iowa, United States I87054
78 MCFARLAND George Wright  25 Feb 1932Iowa, United States I78771
79 MCINTOSH Chelsey  Bef 1895Iowa, United States I126850
80 MCINTOSH Edward James  10 Dec 1926Iowa, United States I125013
81 MERITHEW Susannah  30 Sep 1898Iowa, United States I150909
82 MILLER Bonnie Bonnair  8 Mar 1971Iowa, United States I143295
83 MOFFITT Harold Frances  2001Iowa, United States I136565
84 MORRIS Mary Margaret  24 Jul 1906Iowa, United States I60973
85 MORRISON Tilghman H.  1950Iowa, United States I102234
86 MORSE Alice Dresser  1936Iowa, United States I62354
87 MORSE Carrie E.  1928Iowa, United States I68624
88 MORSE George E  1934Iowa, United States I62391
89 MORSE Henry Albert  26 Sep 1901Iowa, United States I58584
90 MORSE Herbert Carpenter  1952Iowa, United States I62360
91 MORSE Leighton Brown  Feb 1977Iowa, United States I68625
92 MUSGRAVE Bonnie Glee  6 Aug 1982Iowa, United States I92152
93 MYERS Eliza Jane  1882Iowa, United States I60391
94 NELSON Glenn Fayette  31 May 1991Iowa, United States I90846
95 OSTBLOOM Betty Jean  Iowa, United States I90880
96 OSWALT Floyd A  28 Jan 1966Iowa, United States I72190
97 OZMUN Myra L.  1953Iowa, United States I60581
98 OZMUN Philip Draper  1946Iowa, United States I60582
99 PAINE George Francis Draper  Oct 1965Iowa, United States I89702
100 PEASE Deborah  15 Jul 1880Iowa, United States I45555

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Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CREVELING Ross Jefferson  Iowa, United States I167751
2 EASTLAND Muriel Ruth  1957Iowa, United States I167603
3 FILLMORE Gus  Iowa, United States I55134
4 JENSEN Christine Jensine  Iowa, United States I37175
5 JOHNSON John Hycks  Iowa, United States I167605
6 KERR Martha A  Iowa, United States I144002
7 LAMB Huldah Josephine  27 Feb 1910Iowa, United States I65305
8 MATKE  1909Iowa, United States I167773
9 MORLEY Diane  19 Feb 2000Iowa, United States I14584
10 PARKER Katherine Celo  Iowa, United States I136767
11 RIDINGS Amanda  30 Dec 1911Iowa, United States I125973


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILIFF / BAILIFF  Abt 1945Iowa, United States F29835
2 BASS / FEHLHAFER  1918Iowa, United States F37715
3 BIGE / DAVIS  Abt 1926Iowa, United States F30394
4 BOLTON / MORSE  Bef 1880Iowa, United States F25734
5 BRADLEY / PROFFITT  1925Iowa, United States F52204
6 CARPENTER /   27 Mar 1895Iowa, United States F20644
7 CARROLL / HORNBACK  1921Iowa, United States F64944
8 CASS / DRAPER  1927Iowa, United States F37745
9 CLARK / HARBACK  31 Dec 1901Iowa, United States F37865
10 CULVER / FOUTS  17 Aug 1927Iowa, United States F35532
11 CUNNINGHAM / WHYTE  31 May 1917Iowa, United States F28599
12 DRAPER / BAILEY  Abt 1876Iowa, United States F24925
13 DRAPER / BROWN  Abt 1883Iowa, United States F22050
14 EDMONDS / LYNCH  10 Nov 1917Iowa, United States F38506
15 FILLMORE / VALLIER  30 Jul 1876Iowa, United States F14328
16 GORTON / BAILEY  12 Sep 1873Iowa, United States F15178
17 GORTON / FRANK  Abt 1894Iowa, United States F15187
18 GRAFTON / OMER  19 Nov 1929Iowa, United States F52475
19 HAWES / STURMAN  6 Jul 1922Iowa, United States F28331
20 JOHNSON / WILSON  Abt 1870Iowa, United States F20386
21 KENNEDY / PARSONS  1893Iowa, United States F33715
22 KUHNS / WINEGAR  1883Iowa, United States F23472
23 LAWRENCE / HINSHAW  25 Nov 1924Iowa, United States F32164
24 LIGGETT / CARPENTER  1899Iowa, United States F20645
25 MCGEE / WALTER  29 Aug 1921Iowa, United States F53232
26 MOFFITT / TOWNSEND  8 Feb 1878Iowa, United States F49222
27 MORSE / GREEN  1905Iowa, United States F28294
28 NELSON / HANSEN  2 Jan 1929Iowa, United States F35110
29 NEWCOMER / PORTER  7 Jul 1910Iowa, United States F64169
30 PAINE / COMER  Abt 1934Iowa, United States F34867
31 PAINE / HILLYARD  2 Jun 1927Iowa, United States F34865
32 PALMER / GILLET  31 Oct 1887Iowa, United States F18855
33 RAUER / DRAPER  Jun 1903Iowa, United States F37078
34 RAZEE /   1926Iowa, United States F35442
35 ROBSON /   28 Nov 1878Iowa, United States F58832
36 SANDERSON / LAMB  1865Iowa, United States F26979
37 SCHUTTER / HASTINGS  6 Apr 1910Iowa, United States F29755
38 STEVENS / PETERS  1912Iowa, United States F20771
39 TAYLOR / STRACHAN  28 Jul 1940Iowa, United States F62542
40 TINSLEY / SHOCKEY  1918Iowa, United States F38603
41 VALLIER / SCHULTZ  Aft Mar 1920Iowa, United States F14331
42 VAN LEUVEN / BENNETT  2 Jan 1859Iowa, United States F11992
43 VARLEY / BASS  Abt 1924Iowa, United States F38048
44 VULGAMOTT / DAVIS  18 Jun 1924Iowa, United States F30392
45 WESCOTT / OZMUN  4 Sep 1883Iowa, United States F24932
46 WILLIS / DRAPER  5 Oct 1859Iowa, United States F23620

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