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Pennsylvania, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 454

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annabelle  11 Feb 1907Pennsylvania, United States I85758
2 Elizabeth  1840Pennsylvania, United States I96861
3 Margaret  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, United States I68368
4 ABRAHAMSON Hilma Christina  31 Jan 1892Pennsylvania, United States I167781
5 ACKLES William Elmer  13 Aug 1884Pennsylvania, United States I160212
6 ALLEN Paul E  1908Pennsylvania, United States I75394
7 ALLMAN James Franklin  31 Mar 1916Pennsylvania, United States I123543
8 AMES Effie I  Sep 1872Pennsylvania, United States I89643
9 ANDERSON Amos W.  Nov 1832Pennsylvania, United States I153928
10 ANDERSON Britton  Abt 1914Pennsylvania, United States I155481
11 Mrs. ANDERSON Laura B.  1866Pennsylvania, United States I154606
12 ANDERSON Mary E  Abt 1916Pennsylvania, United States I155482
13 ANDERSON Russell S.  1890Pennsylvania, United States I154629
14 ANTHONY Rose  4 Apr 1882Pennsylvania, United States I144696
15 AVERY Seymour Carleton  1918Pennsylvania, United States I144623
16 BACON Melissa Ann  11 Jul 1844Pennsylvania, United States I92838
17 BAKER Claude Weldon  15 Jul 1896Pennsylvania, United States I78761
18 BARBER Martha A  Apr 1859Pennsylvania, United States I61863
19 BARBOUR Robert  1846Pennsylvania, United States I87313
20 BARR Esther Ann  9 Feb 1822Pennsylvania, United States I149831
21 BARR Henry  1834Pennsylvania, United States I149830
22 BARRINGTON Robert Rockwell  1916Pennsylvania, United States I90222
23 BASCOM John Whittington  23 Mar 1871Pennsylvania, United States I160409
24 BATES Barbara  1927Pennsylvania, United States I82558
25 BATES Elizabeth  1923Pennsylvania, United States I82556
26 BATES Peter  1926Pennsylvania, United States I82557
27 BATES, Edward Munroe  1920Pennsylvania, United States I82555
28 BAUM Grace LaRue  8 Sep 1917Pennsylvania, United States I140779
29 BEEBE Martha Emily  19 Jan 1883Pennsylvania, United States I164979
30 BENDER Arthur J  Abt 1909Pennsylvania, United States I138426
31 BERGMELLER Nellie  1878Pennsylvania, United States I96891
32 BIGALOW Fedora A  From 1855 to 1856Pennsylvania, United States I96859
33 BIGALOW Irwin J  From 1862 to 1863Pennsylvania, United States I96856
34 BIGALOW Mary A  From 1857 to 1858Pennsylvania, United States I96857
35 BIGALOW Ruby A  From 1860 to 1861Pennsylvania, United States I96858
36 BIGELOW Alfred How  Abt Jan 1860Pennsylvania, United States I96860
37 BIGELOW Edward Stanton  8 Dec 1897Pennsylvania, United States I100718
38 BIGELOW Ernest  1879Pennsylvania, United States I96862
39 BIGELOW George  1869Pennsylvania, United States I96864
40 BIGELOW Laura  1860Pennsylvania, United States I96863
41 Mrs BIGELOW Martha E  1829Pennsylvania, United States I96855
42 BIGELOW Maurice  8 Dec 1903Pennsylvania, United States I100717
43 BISHOP Alice W.  1859Pennsylvania, United States I164018
44 BITTINGER Sarah Jane  18 Jun 1841Pennsylvania, United States I97442
45 BOGGS Adah  1860Pennsylvania, United States I62517
46 BOLTON Robert Elmer  23 Aug 1905Pennsylvania, United States I79689
47 BORT Hazel Maude  5 Oct 1902Pennsylvania, United States I34254
48 BOUGHTON William Wilson  1811Pennsylvania, United States I91647
49 BOYD Oliver Caldwell  19 Mar 1857Pennsylvania, United States I69790
50 BRACE Martha  18 Jan 1891Pennsylvania, United States I67333
51 BRENNAN John Patrick  10 Dec 1896Pennsylvania, United States I99126
52 BRION Ada E  Apr 1885Pennsylvania, United States I165446
53 BROWN Howard E.  1921Pennsylvania, United States I101282
54 BULLOCK Sophia Jane  21 Jun 1853Pennsylvania, United States I163757
55 BUNTING Ada M  30 Apr 1880Pennsylvania, United States I97354
56 BUNTING Dorthy A  1927Pennsylvania, United States I101015
57 BURNHAM Cyria  Jan 1848Pennsylvania, United States I61397
58 BUTTERFIELD John J  1890Pennsylvania, United States I167614
59 BUTTERFIELD Linda C  28 Jul 1900Pennsylvania, United States I167615
60 BUTTERFIELD William H  25 Jul 1917Pennsylvania, United States I167783
61 CADY Adelbert Hollis  Mar 1852Pennsylvania, United States I125164
62 CAIN Sarah Buckles  17 Sep 1827Pennsylvania, United States I151436
63 CALDWELL Ida Hazel  Mar 1891Pennsylvania, United States I155491
64 CARR Absolom  12 Sep 1786Pennsylvania, United States I35243
65 CARRIER Lula Blanche  May 1863Pennsylvania, United States I93133
66 CATLIN Edward J  1857Pennsylvania, United States I154608
67 CHAFFEE Perry Philander  16 Jun 1822Pennsylvania, United States I149898
68 CHAFFEE Rebecca Lucretia  15 Mar 1826Pennsylvania, United States I149893
69 CHAFFEE William Morgan  30 Oct 1830Pennsylvania, United States I149895
70 CHAPIN Violet  1915Pennsylvania, United States I92569
71 CHILCOAT Rebecca  9 Mar 1829Pennsylvania, United States I136349
72 CHILDS Estelle Maude  1883Pennsylvania, United States I99023
73 CLARK Mary Jane  9 Aug 1936Pennsylvania, United States I143009
74 COGSWELL Albert W  Sep 1861Pennsylvania, United States I98717
75 COGSWELL Eva E  19 Nov 1888Pennsylvania, United States I98719
76 COGSWELL Hiram Garfield  15 Apr 1886Pennsylvania, United States I98720
77 COGSWELL Royal A  1887Pennsylvania, United States I98718
78 CORSS Nancy  1840Pennsylvania, United States I62369
79 COURSON William Opp  15 Jan 1901Pennsylvania, United States I155471
80 COURTRIGHT Florence  12 Mar 1882Pennsylvania, United States I163266
81 COURTRIGHT Sarah L.  10 Feb 1881Pennsylvania, United States I163265
82 COUTTS Francis Christian  3 Dec 1885Pennsylvania, United States I79284
83 COWARD Wilson L  6 Mar 1911Pennsylvania, United States I164993
84 COXE Dorothy M.  1905Pennsylvania, United States I164619
85 COXE Wayne B.  21 Jun 1906Pennsylvania, United States I164618
86 CRAWFORD Nicholas Buge  19 Apr 1900Pennsylvania, United States I20033
87 CREISS Delia  1886Pennsylvania, United States I75438
88 CREVELING Ross Jefferson  13 Nov 1842Pennsylvania, United States I167751
89 CUMMINGS Ida M  Apr 1871Pennsylvania, United States I75595
90 CUMMINGS Mary Tidd  26 Mar 1804Pennsylvania, United States I153521
91 CURLEY John  1935Pennsylvania, United States I99607
92 CURLEY Paul Roy  11 Nov 1927Pennsylvania, United States I99610
93 CURLEY Preston Ray  13 Oct 1928Pennsylvania, United States I99611
94 CURLEY Richard Johnston  1933Pennsylvania, United States I99609
95 CURTIS Barbara P  1921Pennsylvania, United States I82456
96 CURTIS Fred W.  1918Pennsylvania, United States I82457
97 CURTIS Mary S  1916Pennsylvania, United States I82455
98 DARROW Asa Allen  23 Oct 1820Pennsylvania, United States I148462
99 DARROW Charles  Feb 1826Pennsylvania, United States I150660
100 DARROW Esther  31 Mar 1823Pennsylvania, United States I150656

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Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Harriet Hillhouse  15 Feb 2005Pennsylvania, United States I100564
2 BARBER Virgil W  18 Jul 1995Pennsylvania, United States I165466
3 BARGER Robert Alvin  24 Apr 1976Pennsylvania, United States I114969
4 BEEBE Angeline W  23 Sep 1898Pennsylvania, United States I150649
5 BOGGS Adah  1936Pennsylvania, United States I62517
6 CATLIN Edward J  1901Pennsylvania, United States I154608
7 COGSWELL Royal A  1888Pennsylvania, United States I98718
8 CONKLIN Floren Duane  14 Jun 2014Pennsylvania, United States I75412
9 DARROW Almira  18 Sep 1873Pennsylvania, United States I148466
10 DARROW Coleman  1919Pennsylvania, United States I150652
11 DARROW Lewis F.  18 Dec 1862Pennsylvania, United States I150696
12 DARROW Olive A.  3 Oct 1866Pennsylvania, United States I150703
13 DUBOIS Harold Neil  15 Oct 1979Pennsylvania, United States I135782
14 ENGLISH Esther Margaret  1966Pennsylvania, United States I99605
15 FESSENDEN Charles Ellery  31 Aug 1861Pennsylvania, United States I162463
16 FESSENDEN Sally Esther  26 May 1874Pennsylvania, United States I162459
17 GILBERTSON Cecil Reynolds  30 May 1989Pennsylvania, United States I146512
18 GOULDING Mildred Evelyn  1966Pennsylvania, United States I82332
19 GRIFFITHS Henrietta Suffrone  28 Sep 1885Pennsylvania, United States I150670
20 GUILD Jason Emelus  Aft 1880Pennsylvania, United States I95939
21 HOLSCHUH Marie Christine  Pennsylvania, United States I50688
22 HOWARD Florence Louise  30 Jan 1978Pennsylvania, United States I154569
23 HUBLER Floyd  22 Oct 1994Pennsylvania, United States I97602
24 JONES Alfred H  1932Pennsylvania, United States I98715
25 LEDRICH Louis A.  Pennsylvania, United States I143093
26 LEWIS Katherine  2002Pennsylvania, United States I100436
27 LEWIS Marilyn  1995Pennsylvania, United States I100435
28 LEWIS Neil A.  Dec 1969Pennsylvania, United States I165538
29 LEWIS Patricia  1990Pennsylvania, United States I100437
30 MULLER Emma  10 Oct 1990Pennsylvania, United States I167217
31 NEVLING Emma Malinda  1 Aug 1905Pennsylvania, United States I151967
32 PALEN Frederick P.  25 Mar 2003Pennsylvania, United States I101805
33 ROBERTS Stinton Tracy  1 Jul 1917Pennsylvania, United States I163520
34 ROSS Walter Lewis  22 Jul 1943Pennsylvania, United States I96515
35 STRONG Helen Bishop  Oct 1970Pennsylvania, United States I164019
36 SWARTZ Anne  1949Pennsylvania, United States I168219
37 TWISS Harold Lyford  31 Oct 2013Pennsylvania, United States I82890
38 TYRREL Hyrum C  19 Sep 1862Pennsylvania, United States I150780
39 W Clifford  1997Pennsylvania, United States I99602
40 WADE Cornelia Lucy  Bef 1860Pennsylvania, United States I150877
41 WARD Harriet  5 Jan 1890Pennsylvania, United States I150755
42 WEEDEN Irma  1923Pennsylvania, United States I164604
43 WELLS Orson  1820Pennsylvania, United States I162112
44 WILSON Henry  1863Pennsylvania, United States I158
45 YETTER Elisabeth S.  Pennsylvania, United States I139496


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER Lucia Adelaide  Jul 1895Pennsylvania, United States I62514
2 WHEELOCK Harry F.  Pennsylvania, United States I155499


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / DARROW  Abt 1874Pennsylvania, United States F58087
2 / ENGLISH  11 Jun 1854Pennsylvania, United States F58213
3 / ENGLISH  11 Jun 1854Pennsylvania, United States F58214
4 / GRIFFIS  Abt 1855Pennsylvania, United States F58095
5 / LYMAN  8 Jan 1846Pennsylvania, United States F57522
6 ALEXANDER / EWING  22 Dec 1945Pennsylvania, United States F29284
7 BASCOM / NEWELL  1829Pennsylvania, United States F23123
8 BLESSING / DOANE  1 Jan 1923Pennsylvania, United States F31180
9 CROSLEY / BRAYMER  15 Apr 1930Pennsylvania, United States F18826
10 DANFORTH / LOVATT  21 Dec 1957Pennsylvania, United States F35975
11 DARROW /   Abt 1872Pennsylvania, United States F58086
12 DARROW / BEEBE  Jun 1835Pennsylvania, United States F56802
13 GAGE / HOLSCHUH  21 Apr 1909Pennsylvania, United States F20668
14 GARNEY / MCKUNE  1902Pennsylvania, United States F62160
15 GATES / BALDWIN  23 Oct 1892Pennsylvania, United States F25338
16 GRIFFIS / DARROW  Abt 1825Pennsylvania, United States F56808
17 HOLSTEIN / RAMSDELL  Abt 1907Pennsylvania, United States F37868
18 LANE / HULSLANDER  8 Feb 1919Pennsylvania, United States F27977
19 LAWSON / DRAPER  Abt 1819Pennsylvania, United States F154
20 LEWIS /   Abt 1843Pennsylvania, United States F58151
21 LEWIS /   1848Pennsylvania, United States F58160
22 LEWIS /   Abt 1859Pennsylvania, United States F58152
23 LEWIS /   Abt 1869Pennsylvania, United States F58158
24 MARTIN / BATTLES  1867Pennsylvania, United States F24504
25 MECHAM /   Abt 1857Pennsylvania, United States F7605
26 MERITHEW /   1865Pennsylvania, United States F58210
27 MERITHEW /   1876Pennsylvania, United States F58211
28 MERITHEW / HICKS  Abt 1845Pennsylvania, United States F56834
29 MILLER / LEWIS  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, United States F58155
30 MITCHELL /   Abt 1866Pennsylvania, United States F58117
31 RIDGWAY / DUNHAM  9 Jul 1933Pennsylvania, United States F63338
32 SLOANE / THOMAS  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, United States F20495
33 STEELE / STANTON  12 Sep 1824Pennsylvania, United States F56594
34 WELD / SNYDER  1877Pennsylvania, United States F24159
35 WELLS / DAUGHERTY  1859Pennsylvania, United States F61895
36 WHEELOCK / AUSTIN  1856Pennsylvania, United States F59544

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