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Connecticut, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 240

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Abt 1802Connecticut, United States I48822
2 Betsey  Abt 1808Connecticut, United States I48825
3 Esther  Abt 1800Connecticut, United States I48780
4 Grace  Abt 1800Connecticut, United States I48834
5 Jaques  1900Connecticut, United States I165053
6 Mary  Abt 1804Connecticut, United States I48823
7 Sallie  Abt 1806Connecticut, United States I48824
8 Sarah  1 Jul 1659Connecticut, United States I42212
9 Zuriah  16 Apr 1802Connecticut, United States I148987
10 ADAMS William Henry  Apr 1895Connecticut, United States I98533
11 ALLEN Lucy J.  Sep 1855Connecticut, United States I148712
12 ARNOLD Moses Lippitt  Abt 1819Connecticut, United States I160945
13 BACON Abiah  1815Connecticut, United States I95780
14 BAKER George Merrick  10 Jul 1878Connecticut, United States I86585
15 BAKER Lottie May  27 Dec 1876Connecticut, United States I86582
16 BAKER Louis Marcy  18 Feb 1882Connecticut, United States I86583
17 BARBER Junior  1917Connecticut, United States I100915
18 BARBER Lulla Estella  1915Connecticut, United States I100914
19 BARKER Addie Josephine  1876Connecticut, United States I93171
20 BATTELL Ellen  21 Feb 1825Connecticut, United States I57141
21 BATTELL Sarah  19 Mar 1810Connecticut, United States I57148
22 BECKLEY Ordelia ( Cordelia)  Abt 1798Connecticut, United States I162234
23 BECKWITH Penelope  1744Connecticut, United States I45538
24 BECKWITH Ransom Carson  25 Oct 1791Connecticut, United States I149653
25 BENHAM Catherine Marsh  8 Oct 1864Connecticut, United States I58623
26 BENHAM Louise E  1859Connecticut, United States I58622
27 BENHAM Mary P  1862Connecticut, United States I58624
28 BENHAM Susan W  1855Connecticut, United States I58621
29 BENSON Lydia  9 Mar 1760Connecticut, United States I48582
30 BICKNELL Jennie L.  Nov 1862Connecticut, United States I86586
31 BIDWELL Eleazer  1804Connecticut, United States I45673
32 BLAKE Edward J.  22 Jul 1909Connecticut, United States I166498
33 BOLLES Clarissa  Abt 1816Connecticut, United States I151993
34 BOLLES Mary  1852Connecticut, United States I160939
35 BOYLE George Pemroy  2 May 1819Connecticut, United States I27132
36 BRAINARD Frank J  Oct 1888Connecticut, United States I46052
37 BRAINARD George  Jul 1880Connecticut, United States I46051
38 BRISTOL Laura Burr  1895Connecticut, United States I100424
39 BROUGHTON Betsy Jane Barnes  1835Connecticut, United States I45733
40 BROUGHTON Michael  1784Connecticut, United States I45730
41 BROWN Anna P.  Connecticut, United States I149450
42 BROWN Caroll  1918Connecticut, United States I100222
43 BROWN Lora Prudence  12 Oct 1813Connecticut, United States I149451
44 BROWN Marjorie Grace  3 Jul 1914Connecticut, United States I166484
45 BUCHNER Henry J  1875Connecticut, United States I86614
46 BUMSTEAD Edwin Stimson  26 Jul 1842Connecticut, United States I151345
47 BUMSTEAD William Jeduthan  1812Connecticut, United States I151343
48 BURLING Lancaster C  1851Connecticut, United States I162439
49 BUTLER David Henry  1818Connecticut, United States I148068
50 BUTLER Lois N  1915Connecticut, United States I133007
51 BUTLER Mary  1858Connecticut, United States I149490
52 BUTLER Merrick  1848Connecticut, United States I149494
53 BUTLER Nancy  1923Connecticut, United States I133003
54 BUTLER Ralph Ludford  17 Feb 1878Connecticut, United States I133002
55 CALLAHAN Samuel Xavier  30 Apr 1884Connecticut, United States I70570
56 CHAMPION John Nelson  1809Connecticut, United States I166935
57 CHAPMAN Augustus  1819Connecticut, United States I153757
58 CHATFIELD Edith Louise  1906Connecticut, United States I133487
59 CLARK Charles  1872Connecticut, United States I167656
60 CLARK Harold  1881Connecticut, United States I167658
61 CLARK HARDING Amanda Malvina  8 Apr 1813Connecticut, United States I151617
62 COATS Billing  1791Connecticut, United States I162153
63 COGSWELL Marjorie Jane  1941Connecticut, United States I77582
64 CONNELL George E  7 Dec 1911Connecticut, United States I101323
65 CRAREY  1768Connecticut, United States I149118
66 CURTIS Arthur Barnum  22 Mar 1881Connecticut, United States I82776
67 DARROW Delos Dewitt  Jun 1828Connecticut, United States I150904
68 DAY Mahlon W  1914Connecticut, United States I98630
69 DAY Richard  1916Connecticut, United States I98631
70 DEAN Fred M.  Abt 1886Connecticut, United States I91865
71 DIXON Courtland Palmer  23 Jun 1817Connecticut, United States I149409
72 DOUD Russell C.  Mar 1795Connecticut, United States I150719
73 DOUGLAS Mary  8 Aug 1794Connecticut, United States I148803
74 DRAPER Charles T .  Abt 1823Connecticut, United States I48910
75 DRAPER George Parmenter  9 Aug 1833Connecticut, United States I48911
76 DRAPER Gideon  Abt 1769Connecticut, United States I48594
77 DRAPER Samuel  Abt 1799Connecticut, United States I48833
78 Mrs DRAPER Sarah  1747Connecticut, United States I48585
79 DRAPER Thamas Penniman  Abt 1797Connecticut, United States I48831
80 DRAPER William  Abt 1775Connecticut, United States I48596
81 ELLIOTT Huldah  1 Apr 1804Connecticut, United States I147993
82 ELLIS Dorothy L  1917Connecticut, United States I130531
83 FAY Amy L  1885Connecticut, United States I82484
84 FAY Frederick T  1908Connecticut, United States I82485
85 FERGUSON Fannie  13 Sep 1807Connecticut, United States I150401
86 FISKE John L.  1898Connecticut, United States I68703
87 FISKE Robert B  1909Connecticut, United States I68702
88 GARDE Marjorie Smith  2 Sep 1905Connecticut, United States I77581
89 GEER Martha A  1832Connecticut, United States I167467
90 GILBERT Rebecca  1828Connecticut, United States I162438
91 GILL Ruth A.  Abt 1919Connecticut, United States I166505
92 GOODELL Martha Ann  1846Connecticut, United States I86627
93 GOODELL Miranda  Aug 1845Connecticut, United States I86606
94 GOODENOUGH Arthur Griswold  27 Apr 1911Connecticut, United States I167271
95 GREENE Isaac  Abt 1798Connecticut, United States I151594
96 HALL Hannah Elizabeth  6 Jun 1842Connecticut, United States I58848
97 HALL Jennie  Abt 1899Connecticut, United States I97580
98 HALL Lucy Ann  Abt 1838Connecticut, United States I58858
99 HAMILTON Elizabeth  9 Feb 1768Connecticut, United States I130860
100 HARE Jessie E  Nov 1897Connecticut, United States I144507

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Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDRICH Pauline Gertrude  Connecticut, United States I76621
2 ARNOLD Ann L.  8 Jul 1895Connecticut, United States I160949
3 BIDWELL Cornelia  30 Aug 1868Connecticut, United States I167525
4 BLAKE William J. O.  Connecticut, United States I91971
5 BOLLES Augustus Levertt  12 Mar 1804Connecticut, United States I148587
6 BOLLES John  31 Dec 1910Connecticut, United States I151427
7 BOTTOM Harriet  7 Jan 1899Connecticut, United States I160960
8 BUTLER Justus  13 Feb 1794Connecticut, United States I148069
9 BUTLER Lois N  1925Connecticut, United States I133007
10 BUTLER Titus  1807Connecticut, United States I147690
11 BUXTON Sylvia A  21 Jul 1854Connecticut, United States I167464
12 CHESEBROUGH William Palmer  1926Connecticut, United States I151869
13 CLARK Allison Norris  Dec 1929Connecticut, United States I167653
14 CLARK Grace R.  Dec 1883Connecticut, United States I167657
15 CLARK Harold  1884Connecticut, United States I167658
16 CLARK Herbert Allison  1864Connecticut, United States I167655
17 COMEAU Evelyn  1945Connecticut, United States I82751
18 DAVIS Robert Irving  Connecticut, United States I78240
19 DOLBEARE Rhoda Mason  21 May 1931Connecticut, United States I164011
20 DRAPER Clayton William  10 Jan 1962Connecticut, United States I91353
21 EWEN Ann Buckingham Mc  18 Nov 1832Connecticut, United States I57159
22 EWEN Sarah Mc  18 Aug 1868Connecticut, United States I57158
23 GARRETT Henry  9 Feb 1849Connecticut, United States I59303
24 GARRETT Henry  1 Mar 1863Connecticut, United States I147345
25 GARRETT Sarah Battell  14 Oct 1888Connecticut, United States I147347
26 HOWES Emmeretta Amanda  3 Sep 1934Connecticut, United States I154198
27 JAQUES Andrew W B  Abt 1994Connecticut, United States I166485
28 JAQUES Charles Francis  8 May 1916Connecticut, United States I165043
29 JAQUES Doris H  Connecticut, United States I165056
30 JAQUES Dorothy G.  Jul 1981Connecticut, United States I165054
31 JAQUES William Francis  2 Sep 1961Connecticut, United States I165044
32 JENKINS Myrtle May "Penny"  2016Connecticut, United States I142428
33 LATHROP Lucy  27 Feb 1855Connecticut, United States I162029
34 LATHROP William Randall  1931Connecticut, United States I162833
35 LYON Allen C.  1888Connecticut, United States I167835
36 LYON Clarence C.  1880Connecticut, United States I167831
37 LYON Wesley P.  1886Connecticut, United States I167834
38 MARCY Alice  1890Connecticut, United States I86597
39 MARCY Laura E  Jan 1872Connecticut, United States I86621
40 MARSH Lydia  4 Nov 1814Connecticut, United States I165579
41 MAYLOTT Gerald Ebenezer  Oct 1965Connecticut, United States I55372
42 MC EWEN Harriet  18 Jul 1832Connecticut, United States I57161
43 MC EWEN John Battell  1 Oct 1861Connecticut, United States I57162
44 MCCALL Chauncey Warner  5 Nov 1853Connecticut, United States I166942
45 MCCALL Levi  5 Nov 1846Connecticut, United States I167523
46 PALMER Hannah  21 May 1766Connecticut, United States I147599
47 PALMER James  25 Aug 1757Connecticut, United States I151060
48 PALMER Surviah  16 Dec 1832Connecticut, United States I151073
49 PLYMPTON Freeman  6 Aug 1864Connecticut, United States I56838
50 PROUTY Esther  6 Jun 1998Connecticut, United States I98331
51 RAY Susan Pamela  3 Jul 1905Connecticut, United States I149372
52 ROCKWELL Ferdinand  4 Mar 1874Connecticut, United States I167456
53 ROCKWELL Sarah Ann  20 Sep 1835Connecticut, United States I166918
54 ROULO Warren Louis  31 Mar 1989Connecticut, United States I100392
55 SAVAGE Verna Ina  1947Connecticut, United States I82025
56 SCHWICKARDI Virginia Lane  18 Dec 1951Connecticut, United States I100220
57 SHAW Mildred M  4 Jul 1965Connecticut, United States I130667
58 SMITH Jacob B  9 Feb 1840Connecticut, United States I148783
59 SPARROW Lewis E.  24 Dec 1957Connecticut, United States I165673
60 STRONG Eunice Eliza  28 Jul 1941Connecticut, United States I164014
61 SWIFT Edward Halstead  7 Jun 1883Connecticut, United States I162784
62 Dr SWIFT Solomon Everest  2 Feb 1895Connecticut, United States I162786
63 TROWBRIDGE Frances "Fanny"  9 Apr 1841Connecticut, United States I147814
64 UPTON Calista K.  Aft 1940Connecticut, United States I96418
65 WHITE Jerome Russell  Connecticut, United States I83588
66 WHITING Ella M.  7 Aug 1931Connecticut, United States I126669
67 WILBUR  1829Connecticut, United States I149472
68 WILLIAMS Sarah Alline  Nov 1871Connecticut, United States I86619


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOLLES James Trowbridge  Connecticut, United States I148589
2 DOUGLAS Gershom Palmer  Connecticut, United States I149558
3 FULLER Chloe  Connecticut, United States I167529
4 HEWITT Mary  Connecticut, United States I147592
5 JONES Alice M  Connecticut, United States I82156
6 PALMER Freelove  Connecticut, United States I147609
7 RACE Harold L.  Connecticut, United States I167846


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BEDFORD  4 Jan 1815Connecticut, United States F18836
2 / BEEBE  1846Connecticut, United States F57589
3 / BREWSTER  4 Dec 1871Connecticut, United States F57426
4 / GALLUP  19 Mar 1851Connecticut, United States F59017
5 / PALMER  Abt 1763Connecticut, United States F58344
6 / PHILLIPS  1 Jan 1866Connecticut, United States F58891
7 BISCO / OUTLEY  17 Dec 1853Connecticut, United States F36759
8 BOLLES / BOTTOM  4 Jan 1857Connecticut, United States F58538
9 BRADY / ROCKWOOD  10 Jul 1861Connecticut, United States F36734
10 BRAINARD / GILLUM  1879Connecticut, United States F18998
11 BROWN /   2 Apr 1834Connecticut, United States F57400
12 BROWN / RAY  27 May 1802Connecticut, United States F56567
13 BROWNE /   17 Jun 1707Connecticut, United States F18744
14 BROWNING /   1879Connecticut, United States F58879
15 BUTLER /   Abt 1867Connecticut, United States F57415
16 BUTLER / THOMPSON  28 Jul 1843Connecticut, United States F56575
17 COTTRELL / PERRY  19 Jun 1920Connecticut, United States F21836
18 DANIELSON / ROATH  1820Connecticut, United States F56577
19 DRAPER / DRAPER  1768Connecticut, United States F19964
20 EDWARDS /   30 Oct 1850Connecticut, United States F57413
21 ELDREDGE / BATTELL  1836Connecticut, United States F23269
22 ELLIOTT / MUDGE  1795Connecticut, United States F56292
23 FAY / BACON  25 Sep 1836Connecticut, United States F36571
24 FAY / CLARK  6 Feb 1834Connecticut, United States F36572
25 FRENCH / CADY  22 Nov 1859Connecticut, United States F58369
26 GALLUP /   12 Feb 1861Connecticut, United States F59018
27 GILLUM / GILDERSLEEVE  19 Aug 1854Connecticut, United States F18930
28 GILLUM / JOHNSON  19 Aug 1822Connecticut, United States F18900
29 GUILE / GUILE  Abt 1769Connecticut, United States F56262
30 HEWITT / GUILE  1785Connecticut, United States F56510
31 HOLLISTER / SMITH  1788Connecticut, United States F9458
32 LATHROP / CHAPMAN  1810Connecticut, United States F61841
33 LATHROP / KENNEDY  22 Jun 1911Connecticut, United States F62442
34 MC CUNE / BATTEL  1807Connecticut, United States F22787
35 METCALF / BEEBE  22 Feb 1845Connecticut, United States F35345
36 METCALF / MAIN  1876Connecticut, United States F35380
37 RACE / WATSON  1890Connecticut, United States F64010
38 RAY /   26 Nov 1845Connecticut, United States F57354
39 RAY /   21 Mar 1860Connecticut, United States F57369
40 ROCKWELL / COREY  28 Oct 1849Connecticut, United States F63867
41 ROCKWELL / PECK  Oct 1820Connecticut, United States F63537
42 SAWTELLE / CARTER  4 Mar 1834Connecticut, United States F23314
43 STIMSON / BOLLES  1832Connecticut, United States F56906
44 SWIFT / JOACHINS  27 MARCY 1882Connecticut, United States F62283
45 THERIAULT / METCALF  Abt 1906Connecticut, United States F35459
46 WHITNEY / DRAPER  Abt 1857Connecticut, United States F34244

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