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Massachusetts, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 668

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Betsy  1809Massachusetts, United States I62114
2 Cecila Mabel  1871Massachusetts, United States I99483
3 Corilla C.  Abt 1856Massachusetts, United States I64747
4 Helen M  1911Massachusetts, United States I94482
5 Mary  1841Massachusetts, United States I125741
6 Mildred E.  29 Jul 1919Massachusetts, United States I139709
7 Rose  1893Massachusetts, United States I68677
8 Sylvia M  1916Massachusetts, United States I77668
9 ABBOTT Alvord Edgar  1852Massachusetts, United States I99125
10 ADAMS Elizabeth  1773Massachusetts, United States I88756
11 ADAMS Frederick A.  Nov 1874Massachusetts, United States I132139
12 ADAMS George B.  Aug 1887Massachusetts, United States I132138
13 ADAMS Myrtle P  2 Jan 1911Massachusetts, United States I93972
14 ADAMS Rebecca E  Mar 1867Massachusetts, United States I62636
15 ADAMS Robert Malcolm, Jr  1 Sep 1930Massachusetts, United States I91490
16 ALDRICH Florence N  Dec 1885Massachusetts, United States I62332
17 ALGER Bernice E  1904Massachusetts, United States I84289
18 ALGER Sanford E  22 Nov 1901Massachusetts, United States I78629
19 ALLEN Alice A.  1874Massachusetts, United States I69032
20 ALLEN Chester, Jr.  1929Massachusetts, United States I91506
21 ALLEN Mary Elizabeth  24 May 1887Massachusetts, United States I98701
22 AMESBURY Constance  1916Massachusetts, United States I103237
23 ANDERSON Hannah M  1896Massachusetts, United States I155962
24 ANDREWS Evelyn  1907Massachusetts, United States I100630
25 ANDREWS Nelson  1871Massachusetts, United States I96596
26 ANDREWS Robert Foster  31 Mar 1836Massachusetts, United States I96598
27 APOLLONIO Nicholas  8 Apr 1899Massachusetts, United States I62467
28 ARMSTRONG Frank E  1879Massachusetts, United States I94453
29 ARMSTRONG Willie R  1888Massachusetts, United States I94450
30 AUSTIN Charles H  Feb 1894Massachusetts, United States I62553
31 BABCOCK Edith Elizabeth  Feb 1869Massachusetts, United States I97205
32 BACK Rosetta  2 Feb 1837Massachusetts, United States I62769
33 BAKER Albert Warren  Nov 1843Massachusetts, United States I69561
34 BAKER George  1916Massachusetts, United States I126046
35 BAKER George L.  Apr 1836Massachusetts, United States I86973
36 BAKER William B  Jan 1913Massachusetts, United States I126045
37 BALDERSTON Frederick Hanson  1925Massachusetts, United States I101137
38 BALDERSTON Jean H  1922Massachusetts, United States I101136
39 BALDERSTON John  1932Massachusetts, United States I101138
40 BALDERSTON Lloyd G  11 Nov 1918Massachusetts, United States I101195
41 BALDWIN David  1808Massachusetts, United States I153041
42 BANCROFT William  6 Apr 1904Massachusetts, United States I103184
43 BARNES Walter James  1913Massachusetts, United States I78327
44 BARR Caroline Carrie E.  19 Dec 1847Massachusetts, United States I155136
45 BARRETT Dora L.  18 Dec 1915Massachusetts, United States I98337
46 BARRIS Helen E  Jul 1898Massachusetts, United States I70953
47 BARTLETT Dr. Hubbard  1782Massachusetts, United States I58115
48 BARTON Charles H  1840Massachusetts, United States I97474
49 Mrs. BATES Elizabeth  1893Massachusetts, United States I82942
50 BATES James Alfred  2 Nov 1912Massachusetts, United States I155741
51 BATES Robert  1921Massachusetts, United States I82947
52 BATES Susan  Abt 1752Massachusetts, United States I56592
53 BATTELL C Edith  1873Massachusetts, United States I63490
54 BATTELL Charles Elbridge  1868Massachusetts, United States I63492
55 BATTELLE Seavey  1872Massachusetts, United States I63485
56 BATTELLE Thomas P  1882Massachusetts, United States I63487
57 Mrs. BATTLE Alice  1890Massachusetts, United States I71059
58 BATTLE Mary  14 Dec 1721Massachusetts, United States I56109
59 BATTLE Sherman  6 Feb 1774Massachusetts, United States I56512
60 BATTLES Allen  Jun 1837Massachusetts, United States I57756
61 BATTLES Doris A  1895Massachusetts, United States I71000
62 BATTLES Grace C  Apr 1853Massachusetts, United States I60043
63 BATTLES Joseph A  Jan 1877Massachusetts, United States I64725
64 BATTLES Samuel  8 Feb 1869Massachusetts, United States I64724
65 BEACH Barbara J  1922Massachusetts, United States I78643
66 BEACH Muriel Verne  1919Massachusetts, United States I78644
67 BEMIS Caroline Ann  Jun 1861Massachusetts, United States I97519
68 BEMIS Jennie Mary  Abt 1853Massachusetts, United States I89153
69 BEST Lilla May  31 Jan 1896Massachusetts, United States I68724
70 Mrs BETTS Abigail  1780Massachusetts, United States I149167
71 BICKFORD Olive Ethel  22 Jun 1907Massachusetts, United States I69932
72 BIGELOW Edith M  5 Oct 1923Massachusetts, United States I99037
73 BIGELOW Edward Francis  Jan 1868Massachusetts, United States I99190
74 BIGELOW Harold  1897Massachusetts, United States I91461
75 BIGELOW Richard Cartmill  18 Sep 1927Massachusetts, United States I99041
76 BIGELOW Roger G  9 Mar 1928Massachusetts, United States I99038
77 BILLINGS James  1843Massachusetts, United States I60006
78 BILLINGS Jesse Wight  27 Feb 1910Massachusetts, United States I64086
79 BILLINGS Samuel C.  21 Mar 1908Massachusetts, United States I64085
80 BIXBY Ellen A  1843Massachusetts, United States I61891
81 BIZZOZERO Josephine  CA 1932Massachusetts, United States I94494
82 BIZZOZERO Louise  CA 1935Massachusetts, United States I94495
83 BLACKINGTON Mary Antoinette  6 Sep 1836Massachusetts, United States I93034
84 BLACKINTON Leonard  17 Feb 1796Massachusetts, United States I93031
85 BLAINE Philomena Frances  1907Massachusetts, United States I147663
86 BLAIR Henry  Jul 1892Massachusetts, United States I77557
87 BLAKE Charles M.  1900Massachusetts, United States I101134
88 BLANCHARD Kendall Herbert  1 Jan 1907Massachusetts, United States I93789
89 BLANEY William Tucker  2 May 1896Massachusetts, United States I82745
90 BLISS Alta Mary  1884Massachusetts, United States I70659
91 BLISS Eller  Abt 1853Massachusetts, United States I64300
92 BLISS Frederick Carroll  14 Jan 1896Massachusetts, United States I70660
93 BLISS Milon B  Abt 1919Massachusetts, United States I78365
94 BLISS Sarah E  Abt 1848Massachusetts, United States I64298
95 BOTHWELL Lillian Elizabeth  Jun 1858Massachusetts, United States I96704
96 BOYD Daniel  1901Massachusetts, United States I88270
97 BRADFORD Edwin Foster  1859Massachusetts, United States I62367
98 BRADLEY Edith Richards  1903Massachusetts, United States I93251
99 BRADLEY Mary Townsend  13 Jun 1901Massachusetts, United States I93248
100 BRASON Jennie May  May 1875Massachusetts, United States I63265

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 PALMER Jerusha  Abt 1760Massachusetts, United States I148428
2 WHITING Helen Amelia  1836Massachusetts, United States I147912


Matches 1 to 100 of 231

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mildred E.  24 Jun 2008Massachusetts, United States I139709
2 ADAMS Rebecca E  1946Massachusetts, United States I62636
3 ADAMS Warren Hartshorn  1926Massachusetts, United States I69502
4 APTT Herman Clarence  1928Massachusetts, United States I98119
5 ARMSTRONG Emma Lucretia  14 Apr 1878Massachusetts, United States I64061
6 ATCHUE George Theodore  1945Massachusetts, United States I101284
7 BACK Rosetta  1924Massachusetts, United States I62769
8 BALDERSTON Frederick Hanson  1993Massachusetts, United States I101137
9 BARRINGTON Robert Rockwell  2012Massachusetts, United States I90630
10 BATTLE Lydia  4 Feb 1848Massachusetts, United States I57473
11 BEACH William Joseph  Bef 1930Massachusetts, United States I78642
12 BELKNAP Beulah Marsh  7 May 1905Massachusetts, United States I58920
13 BELLOWS Jennie Estelle  19 Sep 1935Massachusetts, United States I75812
14 BENNETT Franklin Green  29 Aug 1931Massachusetts, United States I100466
15 BIGELOW Catherine Mabel  25 Nov 1993Massachusetts, United States I101154
16 BILLINGS Lucy B  20 Jan 1939Massachusetts, United States I64080
17 BILLINGS Susan Amanda  23 Sep 1918Massachusetts, United States I59999
18 BISCO Adeline Maud  1948Massachusetts, United States I96859
19 BLACKBURN Mary Ann  26 Jan 1891Massachusetts, United States I58803
20 BLANKE Jane  4 Aug 2008Massachusetts, United States I86601
21 BLINN Helen Louise  21 Jun 1918Massachusetts, United States I62610
22 BOYDEN Consider  7 Jul 1769Massachusetts, United States I56403
23 BOYDEN John Addison  1934Massachusetts, United States I59275
24 BOYDEN Walter R  1931Massachusetts, United States I59278
25 BRINLEY Mary  1787Massachusetts, United States I56278
26 BROOKS Henry L  Jan 1961Massachusetts, United States I84040
27 BROWN Cornelia  4 Jan 1864Massachusetts, United States I95312
28 BROWN Jennie C.  Aft 1930Massachusetts, United States I62206
29 BROWN John Rogerson  17 Dec 1882Massachusetts, United States I89404
30 BRYAN Virginia  15 Mar 2011Massachusetts, United States I102311
31 BURDETTE Curtis Herbert  1931Massachusetts, United States I98568
32 BURDETTE Kenneth Earle  Aug 1964Massachusetts, United States I98570
33 BURNHAM Rayworth  Mar 1964Massachusetts, United States I62264
34 CALDWELL William H.  Abt 1883Massachusetts, United States I132195
35 CAMERON Gordon Beecher  1951Massachusetts, United States I102303
36 Daughter CARPENTER  31 May 1935Massachusetts, United States I83819
37 CARPENTER Alden Plimpton  2008Massachusetts, United States I77136
38 CARPENTER Tyler Ernest  1983Massachusetts, United States I68864
39 CASEY Sally S  1953Massachusetts, United States I155736
40 CHAMBERLAIN Eliza Ann  22 Dec 1859Massachusetts, United States I61754
41 CHAMBERLAIN Laura  23 Jun 1898Massachusetts, United States I58861
42 CHAPIN Polly  1851Massachusetts, United States I153951
43 CHAPIN Shirley Elaine  1 Jun 1981Massachusetts, United States I83926
44 CHASE Flora Belle  1906Massachusetts, United States I132216
45 CLEVELAND Helen Inez  1954Massachusetts, United States I99342
46 CLIFTON Joseph Michael  15 Mar 1965Massachusetts, United States I93957
47 CLOUDMAN Robert Francis  27 Mar 2009Massachusetts, United States I82744
48 COGSWELL John Draper  6 Apr 1894Massachusetts, United States I94848
49 CONANT Archer Landon  Nov 1966Massachusetts, United States I93643
50 CONANT Henry Virgil  Sep 1950Massachusetts, United States I93367
51 COOK Edwin Francis  8 Jun 1846Massachusetts, United States I95086
52 COOK Eliza A  21 Jun 1895Massachusetts, United States I97292
53 CUTLER Louise Salome  2 Aug 1895Massachusetts, United States I62606
54 CUTLER Sara Elizabeth  7 Dec 1922Massachusetts, United States I62607
55 CUTTER Dorothy Louise  Dec 1974Massachusetts, United States I77873
56 CUTTER Lewis Smiley  1959Massachusetts, United States I70057
57 CUTTER Ruth Elizabeth  1949Massachusetts, United States I77876
58 DARBE William T.  7 Feb 1979Massachusetts, United States I82206
59 DAVIS Dora E.  May 1973Massachusetts, United States I152494
60 DEAN Fred M.  1974Massachusetts, United States I92285
61 DILLON Salome M  19 Dec 1864Massachusetts, United States I93329
62 DOUCETTE Christine Ann  15 Sep 1995Massachusetts, United States I144810
63 DRAPER Abigail  22 Jul 1847Massachusetts, United States I94694
64 DRAPER Abijah  Oct 1828Massachusetts, United States I94680
65 DRAPER Dorothy  20 Aug 1970Massachusetts, United States I96056
66 DRAPER Edith P.  1 Oct 1959Massachusetts, United States I96269
67 DRAPER Eliza H.  1887Massachusetts, United States I95481
68 DRAPER Henry A.  23 Nov 1855Massachusetts, United States I95478
69 DRAPER Martha  8 May 1855Massachusetts, United States I94654
70 DRAPER Minnie Eliza  2 Jan 1860Massachusetts, United States I95058
71 DRAPER Nellie  Aft 1930Massachusetts, United States I96446
72 DRAPER Newell  6 Dec 1883Massachusetts, United States I94751
73 DRAPER Oscar Fairbanks  Jul 1968Massachusetts, United States I100149
74 DRIVER William R.  20 Jul 1920Massachusetts, United States I96529
75 DUGA Mary  19 Sep 1960Massachusetts, United States I78541
76 DUSHION Jesse Ira  30 Aug 1953Massachusetts, United States I101981
77 EHRENBORG Greta Kage  11 Dec 1964Massachusetts, United States I155783
78 ELLIS Grace  19 Feb 1896Massachusetts, United States I54152
79 ELLIS Mehitable Thurston  18 Sep 1758Massachusetts, United States I124608
80 EVERETT Edward Plummer  2 Jul 1868Massachusetts, United States I59408
81 FAHEY John R  1962Massachusetts, United States I94498
82 FAHEY Michael J  Massachusetts, United States I94497
83 FAIRBANK Samuel Coggin  1928Massachusetts, United States I58413
84 FAIRBANKS Frank Clarence  4 Jul 1887Massachusetts, United States I62323
85 FAIRBANKS Louis Harold  Sep 1965Massachusetts, United States I62197
86 FAIRBANKS Samuel  28 Mar 1812Massachusetts, United States I56126
87 FARRINGTON Jesse  14 Aug 1891Massachusetts, United States I91994
88 Rev FAY Gilbert Otis  1895Massachusetts, United States I61807
89 FISHER Simon E  1933Massachusetts, United States I100679
90 FORD Mae P  1949Massachusetts, United States I137732
91 FORISTALL Harriet D.  18 May 1884Massachusetts, United States I58530
92 FREEMAN Wesley R  Massachusetts, United States I63451
93 FRENCH Mary  Massachusetts, United States I158435
94 FRINK Hazel Lila  23 Sep 2000Massachusetts, United States I155695
95 FROST Lucy Ann  1922Massachusetts, United States I131231
96 GALE William Merton  Feb 1965Massachusetts, United States I89901
97 GANNETT John Draper  1 Dec 1977Massachusetts, United States I97640
98 GARDNER Albert  1 Jun 1891Massachusetts, United States I56835
99 GARDNER Eliza Ann  1892Massachusetts, United States I56834
100 GAY John  1792Massachusetts, United States I56168

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRIGGS Abigail  1800Massachusetts, United States I124618
2 GRIGGS Jemima  1800Massachusetts, United States I124614
3 KINGSBERY Amos  1842Massachusetts, United States I57255
4 PLYMPTON Molly  Jan 1813Massachusetts, United States I56433
5 ROSSIER Clarence A.  Massachusetts, United States I85969


Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATES / BATES  1917Massachusetts, United States F30856
2 BATTLE / TOWER  29 Dec 1861Massachusetts, United States F23137
3 BATTLES / SLAIT  1870Massachusetts, United States F24523
4 BOTHWELL / LORING  11 Jul 1852Massachusetts, United States F36470
5 BROWN / BROWN  14 Mar 1912Massachusetts, United States F28798
6 CAMERON / BIGELOW  Abt 1945Massachusetts, United States F38714
7 CLEVELAND / MCINTIRE  31 Mar 1917Massachusetts, United States F53410
8 COOK / BARRETT  1915Massachusetts, United States F37857
9 COOK / DRAPER  2 Nov 1849Massachusetts, United States F36274
10 CORSE / FOSKETT  1920Massachusetts, United States F28887
11 CORSE / MCFARLAND  4 Feb 1925Massachusetts, United States F28884
12 COX / LEWRENCE  11 May 1888Massachusetts, United States F37056
13 COX / MATHESON  20 Sep 1888Massachusetts, United States F37057
14 CRIDGE / ROSE  22 Jun 1914Massachusetts, United States F35620
15 CROSBY / FLINT  27 Jan 1876Massachusetts, United States F36990
16 DARBE / WARD  1920Massachusetts, United States F30501
17 DRAPER / BURROUGH  8 Oct 1835Massachusetts, United States F36279
18 DRAPER / BURROUGH  9 Dec 1841Massachusetts, United States F36282
19 DRAPER / DRAPER  1858Massachusetts, United States F33874
20 DRAPER / HARRIS  27 Oct 1897Massachusetts, United States F36746
21 DRAPER / HEALY  16 Sep 1845Massachusetts, United States F36165
22 DRAPER / HEDDEN  3 Dec 1804Massachusetts, United States F36113
23 DRAPER / MILLER  20 Apr 1789Massachusetts, United States F36038
24 DRAPER / PECK  8 May 1878Massachusetts, United States F36733
25 DRAPER / SQUIRES  Bef 1868Massachusetts, United States F36395
26 EDMANDS / SPEAR  Abt 1885Massachusetts, United States F36296
27 EMERALD / WELD  31 Aug 1934Massachusetts, United States F28368
28 FAIRBANK / KERR  5 May 1896Massachusetts, United States F23713
29 FAIRBANKS / BURRELL  Abt 1820Massachusetts, United States F22503
30 FARWELL / PACKARD  11 Jul 1867Massachusetts, United States F24530
31 GAY / WARE  1843Massachusetts, United States F35488
32 GOULD / GROVES  18 Oct 1859Massachusetts, United States F36966
33 GREENWOOD / MARCY  30 Nov 1893Massachusetts, United States F33209
34 HAMBURY / DRAPER  4 Jul 1891Massachusetts, United States F37094
35 HARTSHORN / HARRINGTON  Abt 1829Massachusetts, United States F36269
36 HARTSHORN / LAWRENCE  6 Jun 1839Massachusetts, United States F22896
37 HAYWARD / FAUNCE  1917Massachusetts, United States F37394
38 HEATH / WALSH  Abt 1927Massachusetts, United States F30498
39 HOLBROOK / HOLBROOK  Abt 1848Massachusetts, United States F36687
40 LANGLEY / CLARK  1808Massachusetts, United States F23029
41 LEACH / LOMBARD  1 Oct 1862Massachusetts, United States F23897
42 LELAND / HULL  24 Sep 1867Massachusetts, United States F33911
43 LORING / MORSE  20 Nov 1873Massachusetts, United States F36468
44 MACE / TRASK  1925Massachusetts, United States F60309
45 MARCY / GOODELL  4 Jul 1866Massachusetts, United States F33192
46 MORIN / RAWSON  11 Sep 1908Massachusetts, United States F34855
47 MORSE / BROWN  18 Dec 1851Massachusetts, United States F25201
48 MORSE / BROWN  Abt 1858Massachusetts, United States F36415
49 MORSE / TAUNT  13 Mar 1813Massachusetts, United States F47397
50 MORSE / YOUNG  31 Jan 1891Massachusetts, United States F47986
51 MUNIZ / SMALL  1954Massachusetts, United States F49547
52 PACKARD / BATES  10 Nov 1833Massachusetts, United States F23351
53 PARKER / DRAPER  16 Dec 1823Massachusetts, United States F36159
54 PERRAULT / PRESCOTT  15 Feb 1948Massachusetts, United States F31341
55 PIERCE / DRAPER  15 Aug 1845Massachusetts, United States F22599
56 PIERCE / HICKS  22 Oct 1913Massachusetts, United States F37261
57 PILLSBURY / ECKERT  17 Sep 1912Massachusetts, United States F34146
58 PLIMPTON / DEXTER  Abt 1776Massachusetts, United States F22404
59 POND / PEIRCE  Abt 1880Massachusetts, United States F27772
60 PROCTER / WORRALL  12 Apr 1910Massachusetts, United States F30818
61 RAWSON / WARD  24 Mar 1794Massachusetts, United States F34028
62 RICHARDSON / DRAPER  26 Oct 1865Massachusetts, United States F36509
63 RICHARDSON / HAMILTON  18 Dec 1904Massachusetts, United States F28937
64 ROSE / KINGSBURY  12 Jun 1862Massachusetts, United States F35520
65 SANFORD / SANFORD  19 Feb 1871Massachusetts, United States F18855
66 SHACKLEY / BATTLE  11 Jun 1844Massachusetts, United States F23139
67 SMALL / MAREAN  CALC 1923Massachusetts, United States F39146
68 SMITH / GUILD  18 Feb 1908Massachusetts, United States F37441
69 SPALDING / HODGKINS  Abt 1907Massachusetts, United States F34012
70 SPURGEON, JR / FRIZZELL  Jul 1942Massachusetts, United States F32502
71 STOCKWELL / STEELE  Abt 1852Massachusetts, United States F24389
72 TINKHAM / BATTLES  Abt 1870Massachusetts, United States F24489
73 TITUS / EARL  Massachusetts, United States F36140
74 TOWNSHEND / OSGOOD  21 Jan 1913Massachusetts, United States F36773
75 VOSE / MITCHELL  1935Massachusetts, United States F25411
76 WELD / GOODWIN  26 OctMassachusetts, United States F23993
77 WELD / PLIMPTON  19 Jan 1882Massachusetts, United States F25730
78 WESTON / LAMBERTON  1 May 1878Massachusetts, United States F25082
79 WHITE / PRESCOTT  15 Feb 1948Massachusetts, United States F31342
80 WHITE / STARR  8 Feb 1905Massachusetts, United States F59598
81 WHITING /   1926Massachusetts, United States F38431

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