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Kidderminster, Worcester, England



Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  1857Kidderminster, Worcester, England I6848
2 Jane  Abt 1809Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2771
3 Sarah  Abt 1804Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2275
4 FIELD Sarah  Abt 1803Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2161
5 GREEN Minnie  1866Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8514
6 GREEN Sarah Hallen  1873Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8515
7 JEVONS Ann  Abt 1861Kidderminster, Worcester, England I30035
8 JEVONS Clara  Abt 1878Kidderminster, Worcester, England I30059
9 JEVONS Henry  1838Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2330
10 JEVONS Sidney  Abt 1876Kidderminster, Worcester, England I30058
11 JEVONS Thomas Maylett  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I30045
12 KINDON Jane  1809Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2084
13 MAYLETT Amelia Lizzie  1836Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2776
14 MAYLETT Ann  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2639
15 MAYLETT Ann  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3506
16 MAYLETT Ann  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I55726
17 MAYLETT Ann  Abt 1824Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3102
18 MAYLETT Ann  1836Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2516
19 MAYLETT Bertha  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3479
20 MAYLETT Charles  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3251
21 MAYLETT Edmund  Abt 1840Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1083
22 MAYLETT Edward  1838Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8157
23 MAYLETT Eliza  Abt 1842Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2187
24 MAYLETT Ellen  Abt 1843Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2053
25 MAYLETT James  1811Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2455
26 MAYLETT James  Abt 1860Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8452
27 MAYLETT Maria  Abt 1842Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2519
28 MAYLETT Martha  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2801
29 MAYLETT Mary  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I106
30 MAYLETT William  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2489
31 MAYLOTT Alice  1868Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8293
32 MAYLOTT Arthur  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3573
33 MAYLOTT Arthur  Abt 1830Kidderminster, Worcester, England I923
34 MAYLOTT Arthur  1845Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8526
35 MAYLOTT Benjamin  20 Jan 1829Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8451
36 MAYLOTT Benjamin  Abt 1857Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3435
37 MAYLOTT David J  1843Kidderminster, Worcester, England I4436
38 MAYLOTT Harry  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I14914
39 MAYLOTT Jesse  Abt 1869Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8454
40 MAYLOTT John  Abt 1808Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8446
41 MAYLOTT John  Abt 1860Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8459
42 MAYLOTT John Thomas  1877Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8470
43 MAYLOTT Kate  Abt 1858Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8458
44 MAYLOTT Mary Ann  1859Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8477
45 MAYLOTT Rhoda  1875Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8469
46 MAYLOTT Richard  1814Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8523
47 MAYLOTT Richard  1839Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8462
48 MAYLOTT William  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2522
49 MAYLOTT William H  1878Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8476
50 MAYLOTT Worthy Francis  1871Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8468
51 OAKES Emma  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2319
52 PALMER Walter  Abt 1877Kidderminster, Worcester, England I17042
53 ROBINSON Eleanor  1828Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3600
54 STEVENS Hannah Lydia  3 Jan 1838Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8463
55 TAYLOR Emma  1834Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8401
56 WALL Louisa  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I381


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GWILLAM John Henry  3 May 1863Kidderminster, Worcester, England I103263
2 MAYLAT Edward Maycock  20 Sep 1816Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3017
3 MAYLAT Mary Anne  7 Feb 1812Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3002
4 MAYLETT Alice  1 Nov 1867Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3212
5 MAYLETT Amelia Lizzie  Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2776
6 MAYLETT Ann  17 Jun 1810Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3506
7 MAYLETT Ann  1 May 1816Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2416
8 MAYLETT Ann  30 Jul 1823Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3434
9 MAYLETT Ann  24 Sep 1824Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3102
10 MAYLETT Bertha  25 Jan 1862Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3479
11 MAYLETT Charles  4 Aug 1850Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3251
12 MAYLETT Eliza  26 Feb 1806Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1976
13 MAYLETT Elizabeth  5 Jul 1796Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3536
14 MAYLETT Emily  16 Jun 1832Kidderminster, Worcester, England I173
15 MAYLETT Harriet Louisa  15 Sep 1869Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2410
16 MAYLETT Harriott  7 Jan 1800Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2988
17 MAYLETT Henry  21 Dec 1821Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2230
18 MAYLETT Henry  8 May 1859Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3340
19 MAYLETT James  8 Jan 1802Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2641
20 MAYLETT James  22 Mar 1811Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2455
21 MAYLETT Martha  4 Aug 1850Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2801
22 MAYLETT Mary  13 Jun 1792Kidderminster, Worcester, England I106
23 MAYLETT Mary  16 Apr 1827Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1806
24 MAYLETT Mary  8 Apr 1860Kidderminster, Worcester, England I855
25 MAYLETT Mary Ann  10 Nov 1809Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2888
26 MAYLETT Matilda  28 Dec 1853Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3349
27 MAYLETT Richard  25 Jun 1813Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2468
28 MAYLETT Richard  8 Jan 1819Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1995
29 MAYLETT Samuel  25 Jan 1812Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1915
30 MAYLETT Samuel  26 Dec 1815Kidderminster, Worcester, England I851
31 MAYLETT Sarah  30 Jun 1798Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1917
32 MAYLETT Sarah  27 Apr 1833Kidderminster, Worcester, England I11434
33 MAYLETT Sarah  27 Apr 1833Kidderminster, Worcester, England I36017
34 MAYLETT Susannah  5 May 1811Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2772
35 MAYLETT Thomas  8 Apr 1806Kidderminster, Worcester, England I1990
36 MAYLETT Thomas  8 May 1825Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2023
37 MAYLETT William  14 Mar 1802Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2489
38 MAYLETT William  6 Jul 1825Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2016
39 MAYLOTT Arthur  4 Aug 1850Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3573
40 MAYLOTT Charles Bundy  25 Dec 1853Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3247
41 MAYLOTT Clara Louise  21 Sep 1867Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3559
42 MAYLOTT Eleanor Emily  25 Dec 1859Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3503
43 MAYLOTT Harry  28 Dec 1858Kidderminster, Worcester, England I14914
44 MAYLOTT John  5 Jun 1808Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2981
45 MAYLOTT John  5 Jun 1808Kidderminster, Worcester, England I8446
46 MAYLOTT Leila Louisa  25 Jul 1860Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2802
47 MAYLOTT Thomas  2 Jan 1833Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3436
48 MAYLOTT Thomas Broadfield Bertram  18 Oct 1862Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2521
49 MAYLOTT William  26 Aug 1801Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2522
50 OAKES Emma  18 Feb 1830Kidderminster, Worcester, England I2319
51 PALMER Richard  6 Feb 1854Kidderminster, Worcester, England I15207
52 REESE Alfred  13 Jun 1830Kidderminster, Worcester, England I55705


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MAYLETT John  12 Sep 1883Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3104


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MAYLETT John  1883Kidderminster, Worcester, England I3104


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GITTINS / MAYLETT  14 Feb 1847Kidderminster, Worcester, England F2186
2 GREEN / MAYLETT  21 Jun 1863Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1850
3 JONES / MAYLETT  10 May 1856Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1353
4 JONES / MAYLOTT  12 May 1856Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1354
5 MARTIN / MAYLETT  18 Oct 1809Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1488
6 MAYLAT / OLIVER  5 Mar 1837Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1982
7 MAYLETT / COOPER  25 Jan 1801Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1535
8 MAYLETT / DRURY  14 Aug 1836Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1466
9 MAYLETT / FIELD  20 Jun 1831Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1548
10 MAYLETT / MORRIS  24 Jul 1769Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1469
11 MAYLETT / TURNER  10 Apr 1834Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1690
12 MAYLOTT / ALLCOCK  24 May 1835Kidderminster, Worcester, England F966
13 MAYLOTT / NEWELL  2 May 1847Kidderminster, Worcester, England F913
14 MAYLOTT / OAKES  5 Jun 1854Kidderminster, Worcester, England F818
15 MAYLOTT / ROBINSON  4 Nov 1849Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1134
16 MAYLOTT / WALL  1 Apr 1861Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1701
17 MAYLOTT / WALL  25 Dec 1862Kidderminster, Worcester, England F407
18 NEWEY / MAYLETT  13 May 1813Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1648
19 UNDERWOOD / MAYLETT  6 Nov 1847Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1568
20 WANHEN / MAYLOTT  25 Jul 1880Kidderminster, Worcester, England F1865
21 WESTWOOD / MAYLETT  3 Sep 1820Kidderminster, Worcester, England F2240

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