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Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Carl Vernon  8 Dec 1847Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I54601
2 ASHBY Emeron "V"  15 Apr 1902Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I32694
3 ASHBY Luta Vilate  30 Jun 1899Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I32688
4 BIRD Leah  22 Mar 1903Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I26537
5 BONNERU Irene Lucille  15 Jul 1895Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I43224
6 COLBY Lucy  7 Jul 1933Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I45600
7 CRANE Emma May  28 Apr 1911Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I28972
8 CURTIS Lenna  6 Mar 1911Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I25074
9 CURTIS Thora Almeda  5 Feb 1910Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I15095
10 DRAPER Donna Fay  25 Mar 1919Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I41593
11 EWLES Margaret Mary  16 May 1903Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I39683
12 HANSEN Rita  14 Sep 1911Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I19927
13 HOGGAN Valaine  28 Mar 1940Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I7320
14 HORNE Evelyn Lucille  7 Jul 1933Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I24796
15 HUNTSMAN Rex Dennis  21 Sep 1945Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I23687
16 JOLLEY Ethel JoAnn  4 Jan 1937Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I23865
17 JOLLEY Juanita  29 Aug 1938Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I23866
18 LARSEN Kim Henrie  13 Apr 1945Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I15887
19 MAYLETT Kim D  1 Nov 1946Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I22249
20 MICKELSEN Gerry J  20 May 1956Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I13357
21 MICKELSEN Joseph Gerald  4 May 1930Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I15415
22 MICKELSEN Kerry Stott  27 May 1955Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I22327
23 MICKELSEN Steven Gerald  25 May 1951Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I13950
24 MOTT Albert  25 Apr 1877Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I51591
25 NIELSEN Elmer Dean  23 Jul 1923Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I45424
26 NIELSEN Lester Tommy  16 Dec 1935Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I51677
27 RASMUSSEN Ray Ira  17 May 1922Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I38877
28 SHURTZ Kenneth Vard  27 Apr 1924Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I45274
29 SORENSON Carol Bessie  29 Nov 1903Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I39684
30 SPENCER Elaine  23 Mar 1956Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I45603
31 WILSON Constance  8 May 1938Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I24236


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ASHBY Emeron "V"  3 Aug 1902Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I32694


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BJERREGAARD Allen Shand  30 Aug 1940Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I15100
2 BLACKHAM Ray D  5 Jul 1999Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I33337
3 BRAITHWAITE Paul Leroy  24 Aug 2011Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I42350
4 BRAITHWAITE Trevin White  31 Jan 2013Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I54471
5 DRAPER Neal Jefferson  15 Apr 1940Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I25646
6 DRAPER Wells Ray  4 Apr 1938Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I26515
7 ELDER Nellie Blanch  12 Sep 1927Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I20910
8 JOLLEY Lawrence Evan  26 Dec 1961Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I21152
9 NIELSEN Lester Tommy  10 Jun 1987Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I51677
10 NIELSEN William Hans  12 Dec 1932Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I28839
11 SHURTZ Leander  30 Jul 1966Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I44679
12 SORENSEN Alva Lowell  15 Apr 1953Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I15104
13 WOODSIDE Charles Ludora  7 Jan 1981Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I42430


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JOLLEY Ethel JoAnn  27 Mar 2004Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I23865
2 JOLLEY Lawrence Evan  29 Dec 1961Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I21152
3 LISTON Adelaide  3 May 1994Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I45272
4 MCFADYEN Ralph Campbell  Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I26402
5 NIELSEN Lester Tommy  13 Jun 1987Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I51677
6 OLSEN Frank Leon  Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I23870
7 PARTRIDGE Gwen  29 Dec 1980Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I44926
8 PETERSON Eudale  Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I24228
9 RASMUSSEN Ray Ira  6 Feb 2002Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I38877
10 SHURTZ Ellis  21 May 1976Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I44678
11 SHURTZ Leander  2 Aug 1966Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I44679
12 WILSON Constance  Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I24236
13 WOODSIDE Charles Ludora  Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA I42430


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DRAPER / CASTO  14 Aug 1937Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA F12083
2 GATES / PETERSEN  15 May 1928Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA F9191
3 PETERSON / WILSON  10 Aug 1955Salina, Sevier, Utah, USA F11226

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